The Importance of Web Marketing for a Profitable Business

What is web marketing?
I have read a lot of confusing definition for web marketing, but this is the definition which makes more sense to me. Web marketing is a mix of traditional marketing principles and interactive marketing methods applied to meet the needs of customers who interact with a company online.

If you are not on the Web you don’t exist
In today’s internet era most of us have access to internet and we use it to find solutions to our problems. This means that that visibility on web is very crucial for companies who want to reach us, their customers, because if you are not on internet you don’t exist!  This is why web marketing is becoming very important to every company’s marketing mix.  Now even small to mid- sized companies are able to reach their customers on global scale with their tight budget.

Visibility on web is the Key to effective Pull/inbound Marketing Strategy.

This marketing strategy focuses on getting found by customers.

Instead of interrupting people with traditional marketing, such as TV ads, Telemarketing and SPAM-email, companies are providing information to their customers who are interested in receiving them, permission-based.  In this way they are able to attract qualified customers to their business.

Pull Marketing - Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Components

This pull marketing strategy is comprised of the following:

–          Blog – Is a Web site, but a special kind of website where an individual or a group of individuals are sharing information, with the world, on their area of expertise/passions. And companies can use this to attract people with informative content.

David Meerman Scott, Author ‘The new Rules of Marketing and PR’ has mentioned the four uses of blogs for marketing and PR purposes.

  1. To easily monitor what people are saying about you, your target market, your organization and its products.
  2. To Participate in those conversation by commenting on other people’s products
  3. To word with bloggers who write about your industry, company or products
  4. To begin to shape those conversations by creating and writing your own blog


–       Search Engine OptimizationRefers to techniques that help your website rank higher in the organic/natural search results, by improving internal and external aspects of the website. This helps more people who are looking for your products/services to find you.

Search Engine Optimizatio

–          Social Media – The impact of social media has resulted that people are more connected with each other through social networks. This has resulted in an increasing spread-ability of information and customer experiences.  Very effective and cost efficient way to engage directly with your customers and to share your message

Social Media

The 7 Benefits of Web Marketing:

1. Cost reduction – For example no need for printed marketing communication materials

2. Immediacy of response – Time efficient

3. It is now easier to target specific consumer demographics with a personalized message /offer.

4. Everything is Measurable by tracking and illustrating data in detailed graphs that illustrate traffic growth, leads, sales conversions and customer behavior.

5. Consumer engagement (interaction) – Direct interaction with your customers can enable you to gather valuable information and to develop relationships with their customers to help increase client retention levels

6. Reach –   You can now avail your service anytime of the day or the night and expand your market internationally with no extra costs, which is the biggest benefit to small organizations.

7. Easy to use – Most of us have access to internet and know how to use the internet .  The tools available on internet to engae with people and share information on web are ready to use.




3 thoughts on “The Importance of Web Marketing for a Profitable Business

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    Spot on!!;)

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  2. Jessika says:

    It’s laborious to search out knowledgeable individuals on this matter, but you sound like you understand what you’re speaking about!

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