Top 5 must haves for fall/winter 2012/2013

One of the reasons why I love the change of seasons is because of the breathed fresh fashion ideas into the stores every season. For fast fashion retailers it is a challenge to get the new fashion trends as fast as possible to their customers. The trends and rage can even change middle in the seasons, which means that the retailers should be able to react quickly and get the new styles to their customers while there is still demand for the new trends. This is a very good reason to go for shopping on regular basis to inspire ourselves with all the new styles and to keep up, what a hard life he.

For this fall/winter I made a list of my top 5 favorite trends and included examples of the affordable must have pieces in your wardrobe for this season. It is not about how much you pay for it, but how you wear it!

  1. Leather – I don’t think leather has ever been out of fashion, but in fall/winter season we see them more often.  I don’t prefer total leather look, but hey if you are a real leather lover, you have plenty of choices in leather suits. Personally I prefer clothing with leather insets rather than total leather items. For example the below viewed trendy dress and coat from zara are made from combination of fabric and leather. Dress with Leather insets

    Zara – $ 79.90

    Coat with leather and fabric zara
    Coat with leather sleeves from Zara-$ 249

    2.  Peplums – they have been popular in summer and they are very trendy this fall/winter season too, but not in bright colors as in the summer. I have seen them mostly In skirts and dresses and often in dark colors. This Peplum classy dress is my must have.Black peplum dress

    Zara – $69.90

     3.  Floral prints– Usually we see them during warmer seasons, but this fall/winter they are hot in darker prints. For example this floral peplum dress is great for winter holiday parties. If you are not fan of dresses and skirt then you can go for floral printed trousers.

    Floral dress peplum

                 H&M – $ 39.95

    Printed trouser

                   H&M – $ 39.95

    4. Knits – A must have for the cold winter months to be warm and feel comfy. There are so many stylish varieties available in knitwear this season, such as knitted sweaters, dresses and cardigans. I love the oversized knit cardigans because you can wear it in so many different ways, like with a belt or even over your summer dresses!

    Oversized knit cardigan – $ 34

    5. Military Inspired Style is becoming more and more popular and this season its presence is very strong. I don’t like a military style dominated outfit, but an outfit with a touch of this trend will give your outfit a bit of sturdy look.

    Military style coat zaraMilitary Style Coat from Zara-$ 159

    Military Style Dress zaraMilitary Style Dress from Zara-$99.90

    Military Style BootiesMilitary Style Ankle Boots from La Chateau- $69

    So these are my favo trends of this seaon.  Please comment and share your fashion obsessions for this fall/winter.


One thought on “Top 5 must haves for fall/winter 2012/2013

  1. Anastasia says:

    Agree with you on the leather! So classy when worn right.

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